Ammo are used by all weapons except melee weapons. They can be obtained in the shop, pause menu, and certain ones in the Free Lottery. Also you can obtain Gun, Rifle, and Shotgun Ammo in the chests in Arizona and Oregon.

List of ammo Edit

There are currently 30 ammo in version 2.9.0. Below are the list of them.

Gun Ammo Edit


Gun Ammo in the shop

A pack of %d bullets, good for any revolver.
—In-game description

Submachine Gun Ammo Edit


Submachine Gun Ammo in the shop

Rest in peace
—In-game description

Doom Bringers Ammo Edit


Doom Bringers Ammo in the shop

Rest in peace
—In-game description

Flares Edit


Flares in the shop

Functional and fatal.
—In-game description

Soul Spheres Edit


Soul Spheres in the shop

Smoldering souls of the long-damned sure do pack a punch.
—In-game description

Werewolf Slayer Ammo Edit


Werewolf Slayer Ammo in the shop

—In-game description

Rifle Ammo Edit


RIfle ammo in the shop

A pack of 80 rifle cartridges, good for any rifle.
—In-game description

Shotgun Ammo Edit


Shotgun Ammo in the shop

A box of 50 shotgun shells, ready to be used in combat.
—In-game description

Sniper Ammo Edit


Sniper Ammo in the shop

Contains %d sniper rifle bullets, specially designed for long-distance shots.
—In-game description

Railgun Ammo Edit


Railgun Ammo in the shop

A pack of %d Railgun high-speed charges.
—In-game description

Hellfire Edit


Hellfire in the shop

Cuts through bodies both natural and supernatural.
—In-game description

Tesla Gun Ammo Edit

Tesla ammo

Tesla Gun Ammo in the shop

A charge of %d energy units to be used by the Tesla Gun.
—In-game description

Fire Stakes Pack Edit


Fire Stakes Pack in the shop

A pack of 36 explosive stakes ready to be used by the Witch Impaler.
—In-game description

Flak Cannon Ammo Edit

Flak ammo

Flak Cannon Ammo in the shop

.50-th caliber rounds
—In-game description

Stakes Pack Edit

Stakes pack

Stakes Pack in the shop

A pack of %d wooden stakes ready to be used by the Impaler.
—In-game description

Railroad Spikes Edit


Railroad Spikes in the shop

These'll run through the thickest demon.
—In-game description

Consecrator Bolts Edit

Consecrator bolts

Consecrator Bolts in the shop

In death, your enemies will be cleansed. The bolts of the Consecrator will take them there.
—In-game description

Contagion Bolts Edit

Brutal bolts filled with a toxic surprise.
—In-game description

Demon Disks Edit

Demon disks

Demon Disks in the shop

A pack of %d living Demon Disks to be used with the Demon Thrower.
—In-game description

Ripper Disks Edit

Ripper ammo

Ripper Disks in the shop

Sharp-edged disks. Cut the enemies to pieces.
—In-game description

Bugs Edit

Bug ammo

Bugs in the shop

Mechanical bugs. Home onto targets.
—In-game description

Cannon Gun Ammo Edit

Cannon ammo

Cannon Gun Ammo in the shop

Fire and forget.
—In-game description

Death Charges Edit

Supernatural charges that will leave a bloody smear where an enemy once was.
—In-game description

Ice Cutters Edit


Ice Cutters in the shop

Each of these snowflakes is unique -- a unique way to die!
—In-game description

Crucificator Ammo Edit

Crucificator ammo

Crucificator Ammo in the shop

A pack of 10 Crucificator incendiary grenades.
—In-game description

Gasoline Edit


Gasoline in the shop

Canister of gasoline, used to fuel the Flamethrower.
—In-game description

Solar Edit

Solar ammo

Solar in the shop

These suckers can cut through a six-shooter like it's warm butter.
—In-game description

Defiler Ammo Edit

Defiler ammo1

Defiler Ammo in the shop

Cursed balls. Will pursue and blow up all enemies.
—In-game description

Mindripper Edit

Fill up Sanity's Demise with these airborne annihilators.
—In-game description

Deadly Charges Edit

One shot will deliver your target to their death... and you have 40.
—In-game description

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