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Anti vampire tonic
Guarantees protection against any vampiric infection. Looks like common whiskey.
—In-game description

Quest description Edit

This seems to be an anti-vampire tonic! Maybe if you find enough bottles, you can figure how it works!
You just completed the entire collection of anti-vampire tonics! Now no one can touch you!
Items to collect
10 Anti-Vampire Tonic (Requires 1 inventory slot)
Quest item(s) found in
Arizona and Oregon
Coin template +850Xp template +85

Anti-Vampire Tonic locations Edit

  • Locations in Arizona
  • Locations in Oregon
There are 4 tonics in Arizona and 6 tonics in Oregon.

Arizona Edit

  1. Las Brujas Cottage: barrel out front;
  2. Fort Ghost: inside the fort on some crates;
  3. Aspa Hill: right side next to the big tree;
  4. Outlaw Camp: next to the center tent.

Oregon Edit

  1. Al "Three Fingers" Stand (Lumberjack Woods): side of the stand;
  2. Crystal Lake: on the end of the dock;
  3. Gem's Saloon (Socorro Town): outside, upstairs on the railing;
  4. Gem's Saloon: inside, on the bed in the upstairs room;
  5. Assassins' Creek: upstairs;
  6. Sister Ingrid's Mine: box near mine's entrance.

Achievements Edit

No. Name Description Outro Icon
52 Tonic Drinker Complete the Anti-Vampire Tonic quest. Wait a minute! These are just regular whiskey bottles! FB TonicDrinkerx96

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