Rip your enemies apart with this sadistic scythe!
—In-game description

The Armageddon Scythe is a three-bladed scythe that is Death's weapon of choice when you fight him. It costs 250 Sheriff Stars. It is the most expensive Sheriff Star-based melee weapon by far.

Statistics Edit

  • Damage: This weapon does 200 HP damage while the original Scythe does 120 HP. But in Multiplayer this weapon does slightly less than the Scythe.

Trivia Edit

  • Some people questioned why there would be another Scythe melee weapon and why this weapon was at least 3 times more expensive. Some thought you would throw out scythe blades and buy scythe blade ammo for a ridiculous price.
  • It emits dark energy.
  • Death fights you with this.
  • Like the Scythe, you can control your pattern (combo) of attack, but lose control for a second.
  • It has been permanently discounted after being 550 Sheriff Stars.
  • Not only does it does less damage than the Scythe, it also has a shorter reach-range, but a wider attack area which allows this weapon to swing up to 360 degree and kill enemies behind it.
  • Even though this weapon does less damage than the Scythe in Multiplayer, the hits from this weapon register more easily than the Scythe, making it a preferred melee weapon over the Scythe.