Bandit's Map Pieces is a collecting items quest where you have to collect all 15 Bandit's Map Pieces and find the treasure chest in Arizona.

Quest description

This is a piece of some sort of map. Gather all the pieces to uncover the location of a bandit's treasure.
The gold is yours! The good-for-nothin' who left this here will get a nasty surprise when he comes to claim his treasure!
Items to collect
15 Bandit's Map Pieces (Requires 1 inventory slot)
Quest item(s) found in
Arizona and Oregon
Find the 15 pieces of the map to locate the treasure chest.
Find the hidden chest in Arizona and loot it.
Coin template +1,200Xp template +350

Bandit's Map Piece location

Tip: to make them easier to find, go to a signpost and change the setting to Dusk - the maps can be hard to spot against sand and wood during the day but at night they shine a bright gold.





Full map

  • Note: There is a map piece missing in the full map above. The missing map piece is located on a crate in the outlaw hideout in Assassins' Creek.

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