Mexican outlaws in Las Brujas Cottage as seen in the trailer


Outlaws in the Assassins' Creek as seen in the trailer

Bandits are enemies which often carry literally heart-stopping weapons. Some look similar to you and some look more bandit-like to you. There are three types of outlaws with different weapons that they would use to kill.



When a player is within proximity of an bandit, any spoken lines would be heard. The type of spoken lines heard depend on certain circumstances(e.g. Hurt). Do take note that bandits would usually speak when a player or an enemy is nearby and that the outlaw can detect him/her and certain lines are repeated for some bandits. The following spoken lines are as follows:

Mexican Outlaw(within proximity):

"You're a dead man walkin'"

"That was your last mistake!"

"Do you know who you're messing with?"

"It's time for you to take a dirt nap"

Mexican Outlaw(hurt):




"Ah, you damn piece of..."

"Oh... no..."


(hurt noises)

Mexican Outlaw(dying):

"Oh, mother Mary!"

"(dying and screaming noises)"

Highway Bandit(within proximity):

"You're a dead man walkin'" (the "walkin" sounds a bit closer to "walk")

"Time for a dirt nap, cowboy!"

"There're some bullets for you, hombre!"

Highway Bandit(hurt):

"Argh, you damn piece of... (groans in pain)"

"Aaag, you damn piece of." (spoken quickly)



(groaning noises)

Highway Bandit(dying):

(dying and screaming noises)

Top Hat Outlaw(within proximity):

"That was your last mistake!"

"You know who you're messing with?"

"Bad move, huh?"

"<???>... shut up, real man like!"

"You need dinner somethin'!"

Top Hat Outlaw(hurt)


"Arghh, you damn piece of!"


(hurt noises)

Top Hat Outlaw(dying)

(long groans of pain and dying noises)


  • In some outlaw advanced missions, they will come to kill you together with demons of all types.
  • All types of outlaws have the same things, but each has a different voice.
  • When Confederate Soldiers are provoked, they will speak the same lines as that of a Highway Bandit.