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Boiler Bitch

In Shop


Boiler Blasters used to only be obtained in Bronze Bullet Chest

These two blasters will hit your enemies like a runaway train.
—In-game description

Boiler Blasters are two of the few, dual-wielded handguns in Six Guns. They can be purchased in the Shop for 55 Sheriff Stars. The Boiler Blasters are steam-powered shotguns, firing more than 5 rounds at a time through both guns, which spread even more than a Cannon Gun. The rapid fire of these weapons makes them dangerous, as well as their extreme speed in bullet travel.

Statistics Edit


This weapon uses the Shotgun Ammo

  • Damage: Medium-high. When fully upgraded, it can do 20-29 damage per bullet.
  • Range: As this is a shotgun this stat is quite low. It was increased in an update.
  • Fire Rate: Good firing rate. Constant speed just by holding down.
  • Reload: Decent.
  • Ammo: Holds 20 shells when fully upgraded and 12 shells when not upgraded.

Trivia Edit

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