Charging Rhino
Type Handgun
Uses ammo Shotgun Ammo
Damage 26 HP
Cost 40 Sheriff Stars
First seen 2.9.0
This may look like a handgun, but it packs the power of a charging rhino!
—In-game description

The Charging Rhino is a handgun that came out in version 2.9.0. It actually uses Shotgun Ammo and behaves more like a shotgun than a pistol. Very powerful at close range, but suffers from pellet spread at longer ranges. If you played through version 2.7.0, you might have better weapons by now.

Statistics Edit

  • Damage: Same as Hand Cannon. High, around 130 HP. While the Triple-Barrel Terror only does 13 HP damage on each pellet, this does around 26 HP damage. 39 HP on a headshot and those are on Outlaws and Cultists.
  • Range: Same as Hand Cannon.
  • Fire Rate: Higher than Hand Cannon.
  • Reload: Faster than Hand Cannon.
  • Ammo: Carries 5 stock, 12 on full upgrade.

Trivia Edit

  • In-game, it looks much too big to be wielded like a handgun.
  • Its damage and range is the same as the Hand Cannon and by all indications a buffed up version, it is higher only in fire rate, ammo, and reload times.
  • It is the best shotgun ammo-based weapon in the game as of version 2.9.0.
  • Embossed on its front sight is what appears to be a Rhino's head.
  • This weapon is based off of the Chiappa Rhino 60DS, a revolver that in real life, chambers standard handgun cartridges instead of shotgun shells. This could also be based off of the Taurus Judge, a revolver that in real life uses smaller diameter shotgun shells, similar to the Charging Rhino.

Bugs Edit

  • Since it is much too big for a standard pistol holster, the whole gun shows when holstered.
  • The moment when the weapon is fired, any entity within range and caught in the line-of-fire(which is straight)of the weapon would react similarly to what they would do when under attack. This made it difficult to fight Madness when aiming directly at him.
    • For a simpler explanation, basic weapons that fire bullets which instantly do damage to the target(e.g. Handguns, rifles etc.) without the need of waiting due to bullet travel are known as hitscan weapons.
    • The Charging Rhino has this similar behavior, just that those "imaginary bullets" do no damage but still trigger reactions from entities. It's pellets are the ones that do real damage.
    • Targets within range and in the Charging Rhino's line-of-fire would react the instant it was fired, way before the pellets would reach it. These targets would then react the way they would when under attack.

Gallery Edit