Chicken god totem
You can feel a strange power from this statue. It represents some kind of bird god.
—In-game description

Quest description Edit

Traveling throughout the Southeast, one may come across what appear to be tiny totems to a Chicken God. Why not start a collection?
Funny how a bunch of chicken statues can make you feel so much better, huh?
Items to collect
20 Chicken God Totems (Requires 1 inventory slot)
Quest item(s) found in
Arizona and Oregon
Get the 20 Chicken God Totems.
Coin template +1,500Xp template +450

Chicken God Totem location Edit

Arizona Edit

Oregon Edit

Achievements Edit

No. Name Description Outro Icon
43 Chicken God Acolyte Complete the Chicken God Totems quest. You are now the proud owner of a bunch of statues of a god that looks like a damned chicken. FB ChickenGodx96

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