Description Edit

Whilst traveling the state of Oregon, the player would stumble across Child's Meadow(Pond Dungeon). Child's Meadow  is a big pond in Oregon. It is a cave type area. The cave is covered by waterfall in front of it. One mission and one level can be played there. The level is the Pond Dungeon level where you try to obtain the four hidden treasures in the dungeon. The mission you can do is the one where you need to obtain the second key for the Professor. In that level the first two waves are normal nightwalkers, the Mechanical Nightwalkers appear in the last two waves. There is also a Chicken God Totem located in the area. Also the home of the grave-robbing part of the Storyline (A Flower for Her Grave mission), where a bear attacks you.

IMG 5238

Overview of the Pond

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