Female Civilian

Female civilian

Civilians are NPCs that you find everywhere while exploring. Popular places where civilians spawn are Socorro Town, Williamson's Ranch, etc.

They are indicated on the map as a green dot. For civilians riding on a horse, they would be indicated as a green arrow facing in the direction of their travel.


All civilians are harmless and would not attack the player under any circumstances. All male civilians would wield a Rusty Gun for defense, but you will rarely see it. He will only defend himself against aggresive enemies(e.g. Bandits, demons, wargs, etc.) but most likely will they get killed as their weapon is relatively weak. Male civilians would walk away from their horse when getting down in Oregon . That also happens in Arizona but rarer.

Female civilians do not wield any weapon and are considered defenseless. When attacked, they will simply run away from the source of harm. This only occurs to those in Socorro Town. Killing them will result in Confederate Soldiers shooting their rifles at the source of harm.

Civilians that offer quests cannot be killed but they will still shout when attacked.

Trivia Edit

  • Civilians will detect wargs and would try to kill them with their Rusty Gun. They also take out their Rusty Gun while riding a horse, but not fire it, when a warg is in proximity. Most of them will die easily due to the low damage output of the Rusty Gun.
  • Civilians may cause surrounding entities to attack when he fires at a warg.
  • They may look innocent, but they will punch you in the mission Fear and Loathing in Socorro.
  • It is possible for a civilian to kill the player when attempting to shoot at enemies. When this happens, the civilian will taunt.
  • Pushing any entity into a corner of a hill continuously will kill it instantly(they will disappear), including those that offers quest. One example is the corner at which Farmer Judd stands.

Quotes Edit

Civilians would speak when the player is within proximity of them(assuming that the player can hear). Certain lines are spoken in different circumstances. Do note that the lines to be spoken by a civilian are picked randomly. Their following lines are:

Male Civilian(normal)

"Mind yourself, stranger."

"You got any whisky?"


Male Civilian(bartender/shop owner)

"They know what you whistle?"

"No loitering. Spend money or get out!"

"Slow day today?"

Male Civilian(bumped by an entity)

"Back off!"

"Woah... Sorry, that's my fault."

"You have these over something?"

"Easy there, pardner!"

Male Civilian(attacking/provoked)


"Stay away!"


"I'm too handsome to die!"

Male Civilian(attacked)

"What we shootin'!"

"Look out!"


"What's your problem?"

Female Civilian(normal)

"I need a drink!"

"Please don't talk to me."

"Hello, mister."

"Nice gun you got there."

Female Civilian(bumped by an entity)

"Hands off!"

"Mind your manners!"

"Be more careful!"

Female Civilian(scared)

"Don't shoot me!"



"Get me out of here!"