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Coins are a type of currency in Six Guns.

Obtaining methods Edit

There are currently 7 ways to obtain coins:

  1. Doing missions
  2. Playing multiplayer
  3. Buying them through In-app purchases
  4. Lottery
  5. Winning in Weekly or Daily Events
  6. Unlocking Chests
  7. Defeating enemies

Items Edit

These are the items that require coins to purchase.

Weapons Edit

Item Cost
Hand Dragons 14
Doom Bringers 15
Gatling Annihilator 15
Demon Thrower 12
Flak Cannon 12
Witch Impaler 12
Ripper 10
Spike Spinner 96
Death Lesson 80
Impaler 65
The Equalizer 60
Tesla Gun 35
Assault Pump Shotgun 25
Longshot Repeater 1887 18
Consecrator 10
Dual Guns 8
Revolver Sniper Rifle 5
Double-Barrel Shotgun 3
Dragon Revolver 1
Burnside Carbine 8
Rusty Gun 2

Clothing Edit

  • Outlaw clothing set
  • Mexican clothing set
  • Gunner clothing set
  • Hunter clothing set
  • Witch Hunter hat and jacket
  • Gunslinger Pants and Boots
  • Full-Metal Pants and Boots
  • Darkwalker Boots (Glitch)
  • Muertos sombrero and shirt
  • Wolfskin Leggings and boots

Horses Edit

Item Cost
Black Steam Horse 50
English Bloodhorse 25
Spanish Mustang 9
Morgan Horse 3
Florida Cracker Horse 3

Ammo Edit

Item Cost
Hellfire 2
Railroad Spikes 1
Cannon Gun Ammo 1
Sniper Ammo 5
Shotgun Ammo 0
Rifle Ammo 5
Gun Ammo 3
Doom Bringers Ammo 3
Submachine Gun Ammo 3
Ice Cutters 10
Werewolf Slayer Ammo 10
Consecrator Bolts 22
Crucificator Ammo 22
Defiler Ammo 10
Demon Disks 16
Gasoline 20
Death Charges 10
Stakes 18
Solar 20
Railgun Ammo 10
Ripper Disks 16
Bugs 10
Tesla Gun Ammo 12
Soul Spheres 22

Achievements Edit

No. Name Description Outro Icon
19 Gold! More Gold! Obtain 50,000 coins. Just like Robin Hood... except for the part about giving to the poor. FB MoreGoldx96

Trivia Edit

  • Sales happen frequently and always decrease the price of things by usually 350%-500% or by 750%-760% during some events.

Bugs Edit

  • Sometimes the Darkwalker Boots can be seen purchasable for only 390,000 coins.
  • If you get killed by Golden Flak Cannon, it can sometimes be purchased as 870,000 coins.
  • If you get killed by Silver Consecrator, it can sometimes be purchased for919,000 coins.
  • If you get killed by a Silver Ripper, it can be purchased by 150,000 coins.
  • If you get killed by a Silver Flak Cannon, it can be purchased by 960000 coins.

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