Six Guns uses the touchscreen controls as input. The controls menu is located in Help & Options menu in the pause screen.

Key Function
Mouse Move Turning; aiming; third person camera movement
Mouse 3 Scroll Zooms in and out
Mouse 1 Shoot
Mouse 2 Aim
Esc Closes any open GUI; pause game
F1 Opens shop
F2 Opens Coins menu
F3 Opens Sheriff Stars menu
F4 Opens Experience menu
F5 Opens Health menu
F6 Quick refill; use medkit
F12 Opens More free games! screen
W Move forward
A Strafe left
S Move backward
D Strafe right
E Interact (hand icon); ride horse; glide
R Reload
B Opens shop
M Opens map
1 Switches weapon
3 Switches weapon
Ctrl Turn 180°

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