Coyotes are a part of the Six-Guns Wildlife.



Coyotes are wolf-like creatures that only roam Arizona. When the player is within proximity of one, it will make howling noises.

When a player aims his weapon, shoots it/other animals or is attacked by another aggressive animal, nearby coyotes will start charging towards the player and attack him. They will prepare to charge up a lunge at the player.

The damage a coyote does to the player depends on where the player is. If the player is far from the coyote's lunge attack, he will receive little to no damage. However, if the player is caught up in the coyote's lunge attack, he will suffer huge damages, usually resulting in death.

Coyotes also attack chickens automatically, but rarely deal any damage to them.

IMG 3086

A coyote attacking a chicken. The red dot on the map appears once provoked.

Coyotes don't have a lot of health and cannot withstand damages dealt by other creatures (e.g. Snake).


Coyotes can be found at the following locations in Arizona:

Outside of the Abandoned Train, Red Plains Desert, Los Arcos and outside of Prosperidad.

4 semi-permanent coyotes (will only respawn after a significant amount of time has past if killed) can be found in the Red Plains Desert near its rock formations.


When killed, coyotes can be looted for their pelt, given that you currently have a mission that requires it.


  • Coyotes will have seizures when it's target gets too far. If the target is the player, when aiming at the coyote, it's health bar rapidly changes from green to red. This also explains why coyotes that spawn near Prosperidad will bug out(given that the player has not killed the chicken in the pen).

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