Dead Oak Forest is an area in Oregon.


It is mainly a forest with a bunch of chopped logs scattered everywhere. There is a small shack where you find the Dead Oak Ambush Mission. On the map, it is shaped like a rough oval, with very rough edges (Located under Lumberjack Woods). The beginning is narrow, where a we'll beaten oath fades and becomes barely noticeable. A few trees and red markings in the ground are on the left, and on the right are a pile of logs. Near the middle, wargs may spawn. There is a triangular stack of logs in the middle on the left. Chests will spawn in the small protrusions on the sides of this area.

IMG 5229


  • There are wargs in this place. If you kill the wargs, they stay dead and will rarely respawn. Be cautious, because wargs turn hostile if provoked.

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