Vital statistics
Title Male
Race Unknown
Faction Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Health Unidentified
Level Unknown
Status Alive
Location Pond Dungeon (enter Arizona Cemetery)
He aims only once, but never misses.
—An unknown narrator describing Death

Death, also known as the Last Herald, is the last Horsemen of the Apocalypse that is featured in version 2.8.2.


  • Death appears wearing Death-like clothing with a hood.
  • He holds a triple-bladed scythe, the Armageddon Scythe.
  • He has a bluish color outfit.

Missions he appears in

Death's Devious Dungeon

After surviving at a designated time, you will face Death. He uses his melee weapon.


  • "In the end comes he."
  • "He aims only once, but never misses."
  • "He never returns what he has taken."
  • "To conquer him, you only have to die."
  • "It's time, to reap what you sew."


Six-Guns - Gang Showdown Meet Death

Six-Guns - Gang Showdown Meet Death


  • He is never seen riding the Grim Stallion.
  • He resembles the Grim Reaper; having black shabby clothes (and hood) and a scythe.
  • During version 2.8.2, his set of clothes provide the highest protection.
  • In the update version icon, he has a face like War and has a hat that is like the Sherrif's.