Death's Devious Dungeon is a boss mission located in Pond Dungeon (enter from Prosperidad in Arizona).

  • You must break the beacons to avoid dying. Death-themed Wargs, Werewolves, and Bandits will attack you. After surviving at a designated time, you will face Death. He uses his melee weapon.
  • You have a time limit and gauge that tells how much time you have left before you would fail the mission (die). Knock off the beacons to increase the gauge.
  • Although his mission appears in the Pond Dungeon cave, you can only access to his missions through Arizona near the Cemetery.
  • There are 50 rounds of this mission. You must survive at an increasing time each round; beware of outlaws as they take away most of your health.
  • Note: If you fail the mission (gauge empty), you will not return to 1 HP.

Mission description Edit

Infiltrate the dungeon and save the innocent lost souls from Death!
Soul beacon destroyed!
50 rounds
Normal to very hard
Defeat Death!
Ultimate enemy incoming!
Death is here!
Death is here! Run away!
Run away!
A Soul Beacon has appeared!
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