Death Lesson
Type Handgun
Uses ammo Rifle Ammo
Damage to
Supernatural Foes
(N/A) HP
Damage to Outlaws 14 HP
Cost Coin template 80,000
A simple equation: Point plus Pull equals Pulverize.
—In-game description

Death Lesson is a handgun that came out in version 2.9.0. When it was released, it was priced at a discounted cost of 80,000 coins.

Statistics Edit

  • Damage: 10 HP when not upgraded. 14 HP on full upgrade. 21 on a headshot and this is on Tophat Outlaws and Cultists.
  • Range: Like any other handguns a bit high.
  • Fire Rate: Quite good.
  • Reload: very fast even without upgrading and extremely fast when fully upgraded.
  • Ammo: 8 when not upgraded and 18 when fully upgraded.

Trivia Edit

  • Although it's a handgun, it uses Rifle Ammo, the main reason possibly being the fact that the magwell looks large enough to accept short rifle cartridges like the 7.92x33mm Kurz, however in real life (see below) it uses 7.65x25mm cartridges.
  • It has a Ace of Hearts stuck on its right side.
  • It's the only one of three new weapons in version 2.9.0 that can be bought in coins.
  • It is not recommended if you are searching for a good weapon with high damage many other weapons which are cheaper can do more damage. It is comparable to the Lawmaker Revolver which beats it all statistics except reload times aside from the latter being bought in stars.
  • This looks similar to the real world Mauser C96 pistol.
  • This weapon has the fastest reload times in all of Six Guns weapons.

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