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An unholy Defiler. Curses your enemies.
—In-game description

The Defiler is a special weapon that came along with the Storyline update (version 1.0.7). Once costing 450 Sheriff Stars, it now costs 144 Sheriff Stars, making it the tenth most expensive Sheriff-Stars-based weapon in Six Guns, following Mayhem Gauntlet as the most expensive stars based weapon at 400 Sheriff Stars, The Inevitable End (350 Sheriff Stars), Sanity's Demise (325 Sheriff Stars), Contagion Crossbow (250 Sheriff Stars), Armageddon Scythe (250 Sheriff Stars), Hand of Kisin (220 Sheriff Stars), Light Cannon (160 Sheriff Stars), Railgun DCLXVI (160 Sheriff Stars), and The Desecrator which costs 150 Sheriff Stars.

Its shape is reminiscent of the Crucificator, except that it is a dark violet color. It fires skull-like cursed balls at the enemies that chase them down similarly to Demon Disks. The Defiler balls, once fired, will explode once it hits anything, actual target or not.


Defiler ammo1

This weapon uses the Defiler Ammo

  • Damage: Very high. It does 134-138 HP after upgrading.
  • Range: About the same as the Crucificator, but like the Demon Thrower, its locking ability lets it surpass its specified range.
  • Fire Rate: Not that high. Same as the Crucificator.
  • Reload: Pretty good.
  • Ammo: Only holds one ammo when not upgraded, but goes up to 6.



Zero damage glitch

  • Its damage increases when shooting multiple shots.
  • The shots goes through obstacles.
  • In Multiplayer, there is a glitch in which the damage stat goes down to zero.
  • When zoomed in, the crosshairs will change to a different crosshair shape similar to the Demon Thrower.
  • This weapon causes decent explosions and can damage opponents six feet away.
  • This weapon cannot damage Mechanical Nightwalkers.
  • This weapon has more explosive area than Witch Impaler and less than Flak Cannon in Single Player.
  • When you simply shoot somewhere you will see that the bullet travels very fast and become quite slow when the bullets track the enemies.
  • Were it not for it being a special weapon, it's kills actually fall under shotgun kills earning one the Mess Maker achievement in Multiplayer.
  • For its price, the poor man's Hand of Kisin, the Defiler actually gives out more stun than the Hand of Kisin, and were it not for its slower fire rate and ammo count wanting, it could give the Hand of Kisin a run for the money.
  • In Single Player it fires faster than in Multiplayer.