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Demons are supernatural enemies that can usually be found in underground places (mostly Cemetery Catacombs and Sister Ingrid's Mine) around Arizona and Oregon. They vary from vampire ghouls to rock-hard Gargoyles.


There are ten types of demons:

  1. Cultists
  2. Gargoyles
  3. Ghosts of the Fallen
  4. Giant Werewolves
  5. Nightwalkers
  6. The Devil
  7. The Professor
  8. Vampire Outlaws
  9. Werewolves
  10. Witches


  • All demon related missions (excluding La Grande Finale/La Grande Finale, Part 2 and the Professor's mission line) are played at nighttime in-game and underground. This may be because demons will burn in the daylight.
  • The Android trailer shows a player killing demons in the day time in-game, but the demons would burn as they spawn at night.

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