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Doctor Rickets
Doctor Rickets in Arizona.
Vital statistics
Title Male
Race Human
Faction Unknown
Health Can't be killed
Level Unknown
Status Alive
Location Fort Malanoche, Arizona

Doctor Rickets is a character set. He is a doctor researching medicine located by a crashed wagon near Fort Malanoche. He asks Buck Crosshaw to collect certain things for him (in the Advanced Medicine quest). Wanted items differ depending on the quest.

Appearance Edit

  • Dr. Rickets wears an outfit similar to the one that citizens wear.

Trivia Edit

  • It appears that he got into a bad crash and his friend died, seeing as there is a newly dug grave near him.
  • The player can receive hunting/gathering quests from him.
  • It is suggested during his missions that he may be insane.
  • He seems like an amateur chemist.

Gallery Edit

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