Make these two hand cannons the last thing your opponent ever sees.
—In-game description

Doom Bringers are similar to Dual Guns, but also quite different, with more than 2 times the damage and a much faster fire rate. It's currently the second most expensive coins-based weapon in Six Guns following the Hand Dragons. It costs 157,500 coins and unlocked at level 35, but as of version 1.9.0, you can buy it whenever you want. It is also obtainable in the Gold Lottery.



This weapon uses the Doom Bringers Ammo

  • Damage: 25 HP damage when not upgraded and 37 HP on bodyshots and 51 HP on headshots when fully upgraded in Single Player. It does 112 HP damage when not upgraded in Multiplayer and when fully upgraded it does 125 HP damage on the body. If upgraded, it can do up to more than 250 HP damage on a headshot, provided your enemies are wearing Common Clothing.
  • Range: Medium. A bit lower than Dual Guns.
  • Fire Rate: Faster than Dual Guns, as it's pretty decent.
  • Reload: Not as fast as the Dual Guns, but still great.
  • Ammo: Contains a lot of ammo, but it fires 2 bullets in every shot, which wastes your Doom Bringers Ammo. It holds 18 bullets when not upgraded and 38 bullets when fully upgraded.


  • They appear to be two M1911 pistols with extended barrels and slides. This is unusual given that it hadn't been invented yet in the era of this game. There is however, a similar looking rapid fire pistol made by Colt in that era, which may be the source.
  • The damage statistics are increased to around 130 HP in Multiplayer, which makes it one of the deadliest weapons in the whole game, coupled by its fire rate (because it is fired by two guns).
  • The Doom Bringers Ammo description is the same as the Submachine Gun's ammo. 
  • The range is identical to the range of a Cannon Gun, but less accurate.
  • The Doom Bringers are a great Single Player weapon as the ammo is inexpensive and you usually get free ammo once in a while.
  • The Doom Bringers are shown being used in the madness trailer. However, in the trailer only one of the two guns is used.
  • There is a fire variant of this weapon: the Fire Doom Bringers. It gives more or less a 20% increase in damage stats – 61 HP on headshots and 10% more for 41 HP on bodyshots with Tophat outlaws as variables. It can be unlocked with a Gold VIP. Currenty its price is 250 Sheriff Stars. Flames fly off its targets like the Cannon Gun.
  • In the main menu, one of the guns of Doom Bringers is used by Buck Crosshaw.


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