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A very good revolver with excellent firepower.
~ In-game description
Dragon revolver
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Gun ammo
This weapon uses Gun Ammo.
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Dragon Revolver
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Dragon Revolver is a revolver handgun in Six Guns. It is one of the weapons that Bandits will use against you in the early stages of missions.


  • Fire Rate: A bit slower than the Rusty Gun when fully upgraded, but that's not much of a problem.
  • Reload: Same as the Rusty Gun.
  • Ammo: 5 shots when not upgraded, 14 shots when fully upgraded.


  • Some Outlaws will use either this revolver or the Rusty Gun, but the Outlaws guns stats are different from yours.
  • Two can be seen in the Sheriff's office in Socorro Town and one in the General Store, but it cannot be taken.
  • There is one laying in front of Freeman Fort, next to a dead man. It cannot be taken.
  • The dead man was probably ambushed by the same group who ambush you in the Freeman Fort mission.
  • It is good for killing Mexican bandits that have a bad damage output.
  • Civilians can be killed in one shot with it, but only with a headshot.
  • It is based off of the Colt Dragoon.
  • There seems to be a lever under the barrel, which is used to push the balled cartridges in. In real life though, the darn gun wouldn't be compatible with this Ammo.
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