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Dreamcatchers are items that must be destroyed to complete Dreamcatchers of Arizona and Dreamcatchers of Oregon quests.


Dreamcatchers of Arizona

Dreamcatchers of Oregon

Pancorbo's Route

1) In a tree visible from the path that leads to the Freeman Fort

Oregon 1

Sister Ingrid's Mine

2) On the ceiling of Sister Ingrid's Mine, hanging down from the rocks. Visible when coming from the entrance to Oregon:

Oregon 2

3) Inside the first wooden building on the left in Sister Ingrid's Mine:

Oregon 30

4) Hanging from the minecart tracks above Sister Ingrid's Mine. In front of the north-eastern-most cabin:

Oregon 3

5) Up Inside the Minecart shaft towards the south-east of Sister Ingrid's Mine.

Oregon 4

6) Hanging on the corner of the tower east of the water tower in Sister Ingrid's Mine:

Oregon 5

7) Hanging from the minetracks in the southern part of Sister Ingrid's Mine, near the Florist:

Oregon 6

Witch Hack

8) In a tree on the left side of the road when traveling from Sister Ingrid's Mine to Witch Hack. Closer to Witch Hack then Sister Ingrid's Mine:

Oregon 7 with map

Assassins' Creek

9) On top of the house at Assassins' Creek:

Oregon 8

10) Inside the house in the southeastern corner of the first floor at Assassins' Creek:

Oregon 9

11) In a tree northeast of Assassins' Creek. It may be found left of the pig and above the 'i' in "Witch Hack" on the map:

Map Oregon 10

Topside of Guttermouth Gulch

12) Hanging from a tree west of Guttermouth Gulch. It may be found below the 'b' in "Cemetery Catacombs" on the map:

Map Oregon 11

Pond Dungeon

13) Found in a fallen tree by the the large lake east of Pond Dungeon. Towards the north-west of the lake:

Map of Oregon 12

14) Floating by the edge of the waterfall in the lake east of the Pond Dungeon and north of Assassins' Creek:

Oregon 13

Open Desert when coming from Pond Dungeon

15) Found in a tree by an abandoned camp north-east of Assassins' Creek. On the map, it is to the west of the pig and the skunk, in line with the 'y' in "Cemetery Catacombs":

Map of Oregon 14

Road from Guttermouth Gulch to Lumberjack Woods

16) Found underneath the bridge north-west of Guttermouth Gulch when coming from Assassin's Creek (the higher section of the crossroads)

Map of Oregon 15

17) Under the docks visible from the road to Lumberjack Woods on the opposite side of the lake:

Oregon 18

Lumberjack Woods

18) Hanging by the roof of the north side of a wooden cabin in the Lumberjack Woods:

Map of Oregon 16

On Route from Lumberjack Woods to Freeman Fort

19) Hanging from a tree in front of the westernmost entrance to the lower tier of the crossroads:

Map of Oregon 17

20) In a tunnel hanging from the rafters. it may be found immediately north of the first 't' of "Guttermouth Gulch":

Map of Oregon 19

21) Hanging from a tree on routs to Freeman Fort from Lumberjack Woods, It may be found underneath the 't' in "Cemetery Catacombs":

Map of Oregon 20

Freeman Fort

22) Hanging from the roof of a wooden tower in Freeman Fort:

Oregon 21

23) Found hanging in the tree in the middle of Freeman Fort:

Oregon 22

Socorro Town

24) Found hanging on the side of a large building to the west of Socorro Town (west side of the building):

Oregon 23

25) Found hanging from the Prospector's Office in Socorro Town:

Oregon 24

26) Inside the Saloon in Socorro Town, hanging from the roof:

Oregon 25

27) Hanging from the water tower in Socorro Town:

Oregon 26

28) Found in the corner of Mayor's House to the northeast of Socorro Town:

Oregon 27

Camalada's Cemetery

29) Found hanging on a tree in the graveyard of Camalada's Cemetery (the cemetery surrounding the entrance to Cemetery Catacombs). If looking at the front of the church, it's the second tree to the left:

Oregon 28

30) On the steeple of the church near the entrance to Cemetery Catacombs:

Oregon 29


  • In contrast to the Dreamcatchers in Six-Guns, Dreamcatchers in real life are meant for the person to have a peaceful night.

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