It's like a magic trick - it'll make your enemies disappear!
—In-game description

Dynamite is an explosive weapon. It is thrown and causes high damage, about 60 HP. For some reason, the Dynamite covers the aim button. It is best used against enemies who are standing still, as the Dynamite will place you in one position only. It costs 1,500 coins for 10 sticks of dynamite.

Trivia Edit

  • There are many bugs while using this on Single Player while killing civilians.
  • This also stop witches from moving or attacking.
  • When you roll and top the dynamite your character will stop while holding the dynamite and when you press fire a custom animation will be played like its pin like a real grenade works on every explosives.
  • It moreover looks like 3 TNT joined together by a rope.
  • On hit, it makes enemies in the blast radius fly backwards, similar to The Mutilator and Crucificator.
  • It is also used by Hurricane Matt in one of the storyline missions. Instead of three as shown in this page, he only tosses one at a time. In the mission, those dynamites do extremely high damage which can kill you in a single explosion. One strategy is, if you've already spotted one on the ground but think you can't reach it before it explodes, wait until it explodes before keep on chasing Hurricane Matt.
  • The dynamite sticks to walls.
  • Dynamite leaves a trail of fire as it is being thrown from the air.

Gallery Edit

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