Eagle-Eye is a mission located in Eagle-Eye in Arizona.

All you really do is snipe. It will ask you to snipe a target under different conditions, or none at all. Even though it seems easy, it is quite difficult. If you hit the target too early, it will say you were too hasty and the mission will fail. The rewards start small, but the maximum reward can go up to 775 coins and 650 experience.

Mission description Edit

A couple of gun-smuggling conspirators are meeting to set up a deal. Interested parties would like to hire you to stop that deal from goin' down.
You can now add "Stopped a gun-running operation" to your list of personal accomplishments.
30 rounds
Round 30: Coin template +775Xp template +650
Kill the deliveryman before he runs away from the deal
Kill the messanger before he gets too far.
Kill the dealer when the bait lures him from his hideout.
Kill the deliveryman and the dealer before they finish the deal.
Kill the appropriate target(indicated by the reticle).


  • You can still accomplish the mission by killing the required target quickly after taking down a wrong target
  • The reticle shows up for the bait when you were tasked to take down the dealer.

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