Witch hunter
Witch Hunter Clothing in the Shop.
Vital statistics
Title Male
Race Unknown
Faction Human
Health Unidentified
Level Unknown
Status Killed by Buck's wife
Location Prosperidad, Arizona - The Mine, Arizona - Socorro Town, Oregon
I'm on the run for killin' a bunch of women. What they don't know is that they needed to be kilt.

The Exorcist, also known as the Stranger or the Witch Hunter, is a character set. He asks you to do several missions for him, including fighting alongside him against the Arch-Witch.

Appearance Edit

  • He wears the entire Witch Hunter clothing, but his bandana is red.
  • The Exorcist uses the Witch Impaler as his main weapon, along with the Impaler.

Missions he appears in Edit

  • He appears in one mission of the storyline, where he saves Buck from a demon attack while he is fighting Coward Mark across the lake in Oregon. Afterwards, Buck asks where he can get a Witch Impaler. The Exorcist told him that he cannot until he is a member of the Brotherhood. Buck rejects the offer, since he is already on a mission, but he tells the Exorcist that they will probably meet again.
  • The Exorcist assists Buck in defeating Lone Wolf. He later knocks Buck out and captures him to tell him that his wife is a witch and that the barman is in fact the head of the gang, who wanted his partners eliminated after they abandoned him.
  • The Exorcist will later die in the storyline when using The Consecrator to kill Buck's wife, and Buck will carry his body away. You later see his grave with his hat on top of it. Buck says "I'll rid the world of evil or die trying" to repay the Exorcist.

Trivia Edit

  • The bandana covering the Stranger's face is red, but the Witch Hunter bandana is dark blue/black.
  • Though he stated that he "fights alongside" the player during certain missions, his help is rather questionable as he only helps occasionally and if someone attacked him directly.
  • He is a member of an unknown brotherhood which hunts Supernatural Foes such as Witches, Werewolves, and Nightwalkers.
  • The Exorcist uses the Quarter Horse, seen on the mission "Of Claws and Fangs".
  • In the mission "Fight the Demon", the mission intro says "Go to the Socorro cemetery and help the Stranger fight the powerful Red Witch.". But actually, the Exorcist is nowhere to be seen, so the mission intro is a lie.
  • In the few missions that he actually fights beside you, he can actually kill you due to the Witch Impaler's splash damage. His taunt after killing you is the same as the Confederate Soldier's taunt.
  • Despite the fact that the Witch Hunter is a human, his skin color is blue.