Fear and Loathing in Socorro is a fist-fight storyline mission in Socorro Town, Oregon. It is unlocked at level 24.

After you defeat the gang, you will come back to the saloon. In the saloon, Buck realizes that it's empty and all of a sudden he is hit with the stock of a rifle from behind, knocking him out immediately. You will see that you are tied up, and a man is sitting across from you.

The man is none other than the Exorcist. He says that the barman has been lying, and he doesn't have a son and that he was the one who started the gang. He says that the gang kicked the barman out because they could perform a "ritual" without him. He says that they weren't looking for gold, they were looking for a place of "ancient power", that can only be activated by one witch. Then, he tells you that you knew this witch well, because it was your wife.

Buck denies him, saying that he doesn't know anything about his wife. The Exorcist insists that he is right, and says Buck shot her because you were getting on to her being a witch.

He says that Buck's wife is still alive – as the bullets Buck thought he killed her with were not enough to do so – and that if she reaches the place of power, the Devil will walk the Earth.

Then the mission starts. Buck goes outside for a moment, then comes back into the saloon to have his "medicine" (alcohol). After that, you must first flirt with women around the town, then after you do that, some men appear and tell Buck to stop, but obviously he doesn't.

You fight the men, then the Sheriff appears with his guards. You must shoot the water tower and get arrested. Don't shoot the Sheriff, or the mission will fail. When in jail, you hear two outlaws in the other cell and they say they have to get to the barman. You make a deal with them to get out, but they lie and they leave you there.

You must do a lockpicking puzzle to escape, and once you get out, you must chase the bandits that left you.

Mission description Edit

I killed all 5 gang leaders like the Barman asked. Now to find out who took my wife's body.
Those bandits can lead me to the Barman. I need to track 'em.
Flirt with the womenfolk.
Start a fight.
Steal a horse.
Cool down the Sheriff.
Distract the guard.
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