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Fight The Demon is the last mission of the Stranger in Oregon.

The player goes to Camalada's Cemetery (by horse or on foot) and The Arch-Witch appears. The player (you) shoots the Arch-Witch until the time ends. Then the Arch-Witch unleashes 5 Red Witches against the player and flies to the tower. The player kills all the witches and shoots the Arch-Witch again until the time limit ends. This will go on and on until the player kills the Arch-Witch.

Mission description Edit

Go to the Socorro cemetery and help the Stranger fight the powerful Red Witch.
The Arch-Witch and Red Witch
Buy the Witch Impaler.
Kill the Arch-Witch with the Witch Impaler.
Help the Stranger.
Recommended weapons
Any special weapon.
Coin template +300Xp template +320

Trivia Edit

  • The mission intro clearly states to help the Exorcist fight the "powerful Red Witch", but that is actually a lie. The Exorcist does not show up anywhere. In fact, he never helps much in the other missions, either.

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