Type Special weapon
Uses ammo Gasoline
Damage to
Supernatural Foes
32 HP
Damage to Outlaws 16 HP
Cost 120 Sheriff Stars
First seen 1.0.2
It does what its name says: it throws flames.
—In-game description

Flamethrower is a special weapon. It costs 102 Sheriff Stars (as of version 2.9.0). It can be obtained in the Gold Bullet Chest Lottery.

The Professor uses it when Buck Crosshaw fights him in the Defeat the Professor mission.



This weapon uses the Gasoline

  • Damage: Medium-low, 10 HP when not upgraded and 16 HP when fully upgraded, but deadly, because of its high fire rate. Bonus 100% against Supernatural Foes, this weapon deals 32 HP damage on bodyshot and 48 HP damage on headshot to demons, what makes this a great weapon against them.
  • Range: Well it is a Flamethrower.
  • Fire Rate: Extremely high. The highest in all weapons.
  • Reload: Quite fast, but the player doesn't need to reload much with this weapon because of its ammo capacity.
  • Ammo: Very high, can store up to 200 rounds of Gasoline when fully upgraded.