Flare Gun
Show your enemies how distressed you are by shooting them.
—In-game description

The Flare Gun is an explosive handgun that came out in the Winter 2.2.0 update, and costs 75 Sheriff Stars. It has a unusually large barrel and some mechanics that fire red flares. It is very effective up close, dealing 100+ damage if it's a direct hit, however it's AOE damage is very low and may not stun the enemy.



This weapon uses the Flares.

  • Damage: High. Similar to Consecrator when not upgraded and similar to Hand of Kisin when fully upgraded.
  • Range: Quite far. Similar to the Equalizer.
  • Fire Rate: Medium. Like the Double-Barrel Shotgun, but faster.
  • Reload: Quite high. Same as any rifle.
  • Ammo: Medium, holds only 12 flares when fully upgraded, 4 if not.


  • These flares has been modified to explode on impact, unlike real flares which explode in a timed sequence.
  • First and only explosive handgun in Six Guns.
  • It has a unique crosshair when you aim: a circle that dilates each time you shoot.
  • This Flare Gun also doesn't have the same properties as a real flare gun, as the flare that is shot would make the light red, but in Six Guns, it doesn't.
  • A real flare gun is able to shoot high up, but not in Six Guns either.
  • Most real flare guns can only hold one flare, while this holds 4-12 flares.