Fort Ghost is a mission located in Fort Ghost in Arizona. The player has to wipe out all waves that includes many kinds of demons.

Mission Description Edit

The spooked soldiers stationed at Fort Ghost need help defending themselves from things that go bump in the night.
The Fort Ghost soldiers managed to send the attacking creatures back to hell where they belong, thanks to you!
26 rounds
Demons/Outlaws(Cultists) (Gunners appear on Wave 20)
Nightwalkers, Witches, Cultists, Werewolves, Vampire Cowboys
Wipe out all the waves of enemies.
Recommended weapons
Demon Thrower, Longshot Repeater 1887, Assault Pump Shotgun, and any special weapon.
Round 26: Coin template +895Xp template +700

Strategy Edit

  • One way to fight Fort Ghost is to always be in the upper deck, from which you can use just about any gun to fire at enemies and not be hit.
  • Another is used for Wave 2 and all subsequent waves involving witches from the west. Crouch in the window and fire at the witches through it. As long as you are crouched, they cannot hit you, but you can hit them (without criticals, however).

Trivia Edit

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