Frost cannon
This bad boy'll paint the snow red.
—In-game description

The Frost Cannon is a special, Christmas-themed shotgun which came in version 2.1.0. It can be purchased in the Shop for 335 Sheriff Stars (version 2.8.2). Its ammo, the Ice Cutters, can be bought for 100 coins per pack that contains 48 rounds, similar to Death Charges.

As of version 2.9.0 it can be bought for 134 Sheriff Stars.

Statistics Edit


This weapon uses the Ice Cutters

  • Damage: Very good with a 40% damage bonus to supernatural foes. It can easily do 75 damage on a close bit and 15 from far.
  • Range: Normal. Rather close range.
  • Fire Rate: Low, but rapid-firing shots resolve this.
  • Reload: Quite good.
  • Ammo: 13 rounds.

Trivia Edit

  • The gun's ammo, the Ice Cutters, look like a shotgun shell with a snowflake disk stuck in it.
  • Even though it is expensive and has high damage, a Hand Cannon or a Triple-Barrel Terror is better in terms of overall statistics.
  • Unlike a regular shotgun, the shots often have three or four pellets that go in a completely random direction.
  • It's description says all of the ammo snowflake is unique, but if you look closely they are all the same.
  • If you kill an outlaw, demon, or other neutral things (excluding animals), they will be thrown back a few feet.
  • You can impale your enemies to the wall with this.
  • This is currently the only shotgun that can impale your enemies, the same as the Impaler.
  • It costed 134 stars before version 2.8.2.
  • When it shoots the ammo spreads out leaving a frost-like tail.

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