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Full Moon Nightmare is a special mission located in Socorro Town, Oregon that came out in version 2.9.0. You can also access this mission from Williamson's Ranch, Arizona.

The price to play this mission is a warrant. The blue marks at the bottom of the mission's intro page indicate how many warrants you have. You can pay 1 Sheriff Stars for a warrant, but players are also granted one warrant for free for every 5 minutes of gameplay. Warrants will accumulate up to 10, at which point the icon will appear and start flashing on the in-game map.

You have to hit the runaway werewolf dressed like a leprechaun, in the "full moon" as much as possible. The hitpoint target is provided for you on its "full moon." There is no countdown timer given, and the mission does not time out if the werewolf makes it back to town before you kill it; the werewolf just starts another lap. But the mission will end if you fall too far behind.

The first three rounds can be completed with the starting Azteca Horse. By round four, you will need to either get a better horse or rely on Turbo Elixirs. The Florida Cracker Horse can get you through round seven.

Technically, the minimum weapon needed for this mission is the Rusty Gun. But the werewolf's health increases each round, so after the first few, it would take a lot of time and ammo.

Mission description Edit

When the moon is full, werewolves come out, and if you don't want them to use your town as a feeding ground then you gotta train them to stay away! Hit the werewolf as many times as you can to drive it away!
22 rounds
Round 22: Coin template +500Xp template +100