The ghost

Ghosts of the Fallen is a secret mission. Visible at night, you can see an orange beam of light shooting up into the sky. Head to it and there will be a black pyre with black smoke similar to the smoke that demons dissipate on death emerging from below it. The first one is near Eagle-Eye, just below the cliff.

It starts with an ominous, pitch black man resembling a Vampire Outlaw coming out from the ground. He is revealed to be the restless soul of a murdered gunslinger. He is invincible, but there are spirits above him that are not. Shoot them and he will die. There are 10 gunslinger souls that you have to fight, with each one more difficult than the last. He attacks by shooting spheres of blue, plasma-like energies, similar to the Witch.

Shooting the black pyre will cause it to emit blue particles, similar to that produced when witches die.

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Ghost Locations

Note: The locations may not be the same for everyone, verification needed.

Mission description Edit

A lotta men out here in Arizona takin' dirt naps. Shot up in gunfights, kilt in a brawl, stabbed in the back. You name it. Folks say some restless souls still haunt the night, seeking revenge, looking for closure.
Maybe now their spirits can finally have some rest.
10 rounds
Medium to Hard
Send 10 Arizona Gunslinger Ghosts to the Great Beyond.
Coin template +3,000Xp template +1,650

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