A Giant Werewolf in Fort Ghost

Giant Werewolf is a stronger version of the Werewolf, making it the fourth strongest enemy in Six Guns, the Witch (at the end of the storyline) being the first, The Professor being the second and The Arch-Witch being the third. It looks the same except it is twice as big as the regular Werewolf (a regular Werewolf is your height, to give you an idea). The only difference between it and the regular Werewolf is that it has more health and deals more damage.

Statistics Edit

Very heavy (85%-100% [Usually 100%])
Very hard
Recommended weapons
Shotguns, Flamethrower, Scythe, Hellraisers, Werewolf Slayer, and other strong special weapons.
Very fast (70%)
Usual locations
Fort Ghost, Socorro Town, Sister Ingrid's Mine, Guttermouth Gulch, and outside Pond Dungeon (only when you're currently in Magic Herbs mission).

Achievements Edit

No. Name Description Outro Icon
24 The Bigger They Are... Kill a Giant Werewolf. ...the harder they fall. FB BiggerTheyArex96