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Warning: This is the unofficial page to report bugs/glitches; use this link instead. Anyway, if you post bugs here, Gameloft didn't know what bug you've reported in this page.

This is a place to report glitches in the game. Write a detailed description of the glitch below, along with a picture.

  • Data Glitch (sometimes your data may reset. This is caused by having very little storage left on your device.)
  • Health glitches (e.g. Your health will only be 10 when you spawn)
  • Multiplayer glitches (e.g. Weapons sounds)
  • Wall Glitches (e.g. Going through the walls)
  • Weapons stat Glitches (e.g. The stats of the weapons keep changing)
  • Price Glitches (e.g. The Equalizer is priced 60,000 coins, but suddenly becomes 60,000 Sheriff Stars).
  • Shroud of the Accursed glitch (e.g The price suddenly changes to 10 Sheriff Stars during sales).
  • Multiplayer/Single Player glitch (You will enter multiplayer, but it will show you 00/000 ammo when you enter, and when you commit suicide, your health regenerates.)



Note only ten health on level 13.


Multiplayer headshot glitch – when you headshot someone and he revives with no head on.)

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