Going Mad! is a mission that came out in version 2.7.0. It is located at Fort Ghost, Arizona, where Buck Crosshaw has to defeat Madness.

The intro starts when Buck enters in Fort Ghost and suddenly a lady is being chased by a Cultist. Buck then shoots the Cultist and other civilians approach. After that, a number of Red Witches come and Buck has to shoot them. Then Madness passes near the window of Fort Ghost and the mission starts.

Goal Edit

Wave 1 Edit

The player has to kill some Witches and Flying Skulls.

Wave 2 Edit

The player has to kill some Cultists and Flying Skulls.

(Wave 3) Edit

This wave appears after beating Madness several times, and includes cultists, flying skulls and witches

Wave 3 (or 4) Edit

The player has to defeat Madness.

After that, Buck saves the civilians and leaves Fort Ghost

Note: If you run past the black zone, the screen will blacken and you will receive 5 damage constantly. Just stay in the building.

Mission description Edit

The third herald is here -- Madness! He's advancing on civilians who are cowering behind the walls of Fort Ghost. They need a hero -- you!
The Madness has left for now... but is it gone for good?
3 or 4 waves
Kill Madness's minions before they can drive the civilians insane!
Defeat Madness!

Trivia Edit

  • Madness appears occasionally and randomly for few seconds in wave 1 and 2 in later levels.

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