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The Granger Gang is a gang centered in Outlaw Camp. They are outlaws on the run from the Sheriff and his posse. They consist of Tophat Outlaws, Mexican Outlaws, Highwaymen Outlaws, Cultists, and Vampire Cowboys. They are also gun dealers (revealed in the Eagle-Eye mission). They are commanded by a group of outlaw bosses, which you will fight in the storyline.

The Outlaws Edit

The outlaws encountered in the mission Outlaw Camp are:

  • Level 1 Mexican - 10 coins
  • Level 2 Mexican - 35 coins
  • Level 1 Highway - 15 coins
  • Level 2 Highway - 25 coins
  • Level 3 Highway - 35 coins
  • Level 1 Tophat - 25 coins
  • Level 2 Tophat - 50 coins
  • Level 1 Vampire - 25 coins
  • Level 2 Vampire - 40 coins
  • Level 2 Cultist - 30 coins

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