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When you hear the hooves of bone striking the earth and see its black wings spread, it's already too late.
—In-game description

The Grim Stallion is Death's themed horse, released in version 2.8.2. It can be bought for 200 Sheriff Stars after becoming a Bronze VIP in the game. Alternatively, it can also be won in the Gold Lottery. It has a gauge overflow on Trot (slightly) and Gallop.

  • Being Death's horse, it has black wings similar to what a demon has, and a zombie like character.
  • Dark energy is emitting from it (as a tail and neck mane) like the weapons that Death uses.
  • It's spine is exposed on its back.
  • It face looks similar to that of Maniac Mustang.
  • It has some space in between face and wings.

Statistics Edit

  • Trot: Slightly overfills the gauge. It has the fastest Trot by far.
  • Gallop: Fastest of all horses.
  • Stamina: Pretty low, due to balance of the game. Worst stamina in the game, even compared to Azteca horse
  • Recovery: Full gauge.

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