Hand cannon
A small bit of Hell in every shot.
—In-game description

The Hand Cannon is one of the strongest shotguns in the game. It is costs 38 Sheriff Stars, making it the second most expensive Sheriff Stars-based shotgun behind the Frost Cannon.



This weapon uses Shotgun Ammo

  • Damage: Highly lethal. Can kill a witch in just one hit at point-blank. It does about as much as a fully upgraded Triple-Barrel Terror.
  • Range: Much better than any other shotgun, but still. Don't snipe with this or you'll be in big trouble.
  • Fire Rate: The worst stat along with the ammo capacity. Very low fire-rate. However, due to the high damage, it's not a problem.
  • Reload: Reasonable reload time, considering the damage on each hit.
  • Ammo: 8 rounds when fully upgraded, the same as the Triple-Barrel Terror.


  • Despite the fact it is a shotgun, it does not have a bonus to Supernatural Foes.
  • Even though it has increased range, you still need to get close to do damage to enemies.
  • You can get this weapon in the Silver Bullet Chest.
  • It may be a modified Dagoon.