The earth will burn under the hooves of this beast.
—In-game description

The Harbinger is a horse that came out in version 2.5.0. It is War's personal horse. It is made of chunks of lava. It can currently be only obtained in the Gold Bullet Chest in lottery. As of version 2.8.2 it is available for 250 Sheriff Stars.

Statistics Edit

It is a complete clone of the Tundra Stallion, even copying its description. It has an overlapping stamina bar, and other great stats.

  • Trot: A good enough stat.
  • Gallop: The bar is almost completely filled.
  • Stamina: As we said, it overlaps the bar.
  • Recovery: It recovers fast, the bar is completely filled.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first horse to be a clone of another horse.
  • This is War's personal horse, yet it isn't used much by him.
  • In version 2.6.0, the horse's in-game description was changed.
  • This can be bought with the Mayhem Gauntlet and The Mutilator, plus the full war clothing for USD $69.99 in the War Pack.

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