Horses travel faster than the player and are good for roaming around.

All horses have two travel modes: gallop and trot. To gallop, press the stirrup button in the bottom left corner. When galloping, the horse will go much faster and the map on the top right corner of your screen will enlarge. This only lasts for a few seconds, however, but it can be lengthened by buying better horses. Trotting is the default movement of the horse, but it will vary in speed depending on the breed.


Image Name Price Stats Level
Shop azteca Azteca Horse Free Stats azteca 1
Shop florida cracker Florida Cracker Horse Coin template 350 Stats florida cracker 3
Shop warmblood American Warmblood Star 3 Stats warmblood 1
Shop morgan Morgan Horse Coin template 3,500 Stats morgan 7
Shop appaloosa Appaloosa Horse Star 10 Stats appaloosa 1
Shop mustang Spanish Mustang Coin template 9,500 Stats span mustang 15
Shop bloodhorse English Bloodhorse Coin template 25,000 Stats bloodhorse 20
Shop standardbred Standardbred Trotter Star 25 Stats standardbred 1
Shop mechanical Mechanical Horse Star 98 Stats mechanical 1
Shop steam Black Steam Horse Coin template 50,000 Stats steam 1
Shop tundra Tundra Stallion Star 130 Stats tundra 1
Shop harbinger Harbinger Star 250 Stats harbinger
Shop plague Plague Horse Star 150 Stats plague
Shop mask mustang Maniac Mustang Star 325 Stats mask mustang
Shop grim Grim Stallion Star 200 Stats grim
Shop quarter Quarter Horse

Lottery only

Stats quarter

Note: the English Bloodhorse no longer unlocks at level 20. It's available at level 17 at least.

'Borrowing' HorsesEdit

IMG 3215

Stealing a Morgan horse from it's owner.

The Azteca is the horse every player receives for free at the beginning of the game. You must purchase (or win in the lottery) other horses if you wish to use them in a mission. However, there are many NPCs roaming around with better horses, and you can steal them to see how you like them and to travel more quickly. Once you take them, they will only disappear if you start a mission or click on a person to get a quest reward. Riders roam throughout both states, and you can take their horses by killing the rider or getting close enough for the horseshoe icon to appear (although that's tricky to do without getting knocked over). But there are several places where they regularly stop and dismount.

(Arizona) Florida Cracker Horse
(Arizona) American Warmblood:
  • On the road in front of the Abandoned Train, one will arrive from the east and halt near the signpost.
  • In Prosperidad, by the church.
(Oregon) Morgan Horse:
  • A civilian rides one into Socorro Town and halts on the street past the saloon.
  • Near the signpost in Pancorbo's Route, the two roaming bandits dismount (they'll shoot at you).
  • The two bandits also stop at the small clearing after Blind Canyon where the path splits and the bridge can be seen overhead (again, they'll be shooting at you).


No. Name Description Outro Icon
16 Too Hardcore to Live Kill your own horse. You rode that poor steed into the ground. Literally. FB TooHardcorex96
28 Full Stable Buy 6 horses. The folks in town call you "Horse Lover." FB FullStablex96


  • Some of these horses that appear in-game are real breeds.
  • You can stand on a horse's back by switching to a weapon that has no ammo. You'll then hold up your fist and stand on the horse's back. This was fixed in later updates.
  • Although the shop mentions only "trot" and "gallop," the horses move realistically through all four gaits typically seen in real life. Simply touching the screen while riding makes the horse walk – start sliding your finger outwards and the horse will pick up a trot, slide a bit more and the horse canters (this may be what the shop refers to as a "trot"). And then of course pressing the spur button makes the horse gallop. The jumping mechanics are quite good as well.