In-app purchases is the quickest and simplest method of obtaining virtual loot and currency in Six Guns. Coins and Sheriff Stars can be bought, and can be used to buy weapons, horses, clothes, and other items. It requires real money to buy.

In-app purchasesEdit

Type Amount Price


Little Pouch of Coins 12,000 1.99 USD
Sackful of Coins 30,500 4.99 USD
Barrel of Coins 66,000 9.99 USD
Chest full of Coins 140,000 19.99 USD
Wagon of Coins 360,000 49.99 USD
Barn of Coins 840,000 99.99 USD

Sheriff StarsEdit

Little Pouch of Stars 20 1.99 USD
Sackful of Stars 27 4.99 USD
Barrel of Stars 55 9.99 USD
Star Chest 115 19.99 USD
Wagon of Stars 300 49.99 USD
Barn of Sheriff Stars 700 99.99 USD


XP Pack 10,000 1.99 USD
Big XP Pack 28,000 4.99 USD
Great XP Pack 60,000 9.99 USD
Enormous XP Pack 150,000 19.99 USD
Gigantic XP Pack 450,000 49.99 USD


Small Health Boost 10 1.99 USD
Nice Health Boost 28 4.99 USD
Big Health Boost 60 9.99 USD
Great Health Boost 135 19.99 USD
Max Health Boost 350 49.99 USD
Type Amount Price


No. Name Description Outro Icon
21 The Fast Way Buy the Gigantic experience point pack. Waiting is for fools! FB TheFastWayx96

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