King of the Hill is a mission that takes place in Aspa Hill. You will be attacked by Bandits and Cultists. Later levels have Vampire Cowboys. The idea is to survive until the time ends.

Strategy Edit

Make a rush towards the outside of one of the outside walls. The short northeast wall is a good choice for the first 20 levels: the tall east wall protects you against most gunfire from the southeast. The short wall is enough to protect you from bandits coming from the northeast, but allows you to shoot them as they come. The wall also guards from fire from most other directions.

Mission description Edit

The tree on Aspa Hill is sacred to the native folk. Some of the locals intend to light it up. Problem is, if the tree gets burned down, the natives are gonna retaliate. No one sensible wants a war, so it's up to you to protect it until they retreat.
The Aspa Tree is safe for now. But it won't be too long before some other addle-headed nimwits get liquored up and decide it's time for a bonfire. Bring more bullets next time.
50 rounds
Survive on the hill until the timer runs out.
Recommended weapons
Impaler, Cannon Gun, Demon ThrowerTriple-Barrel Terror, and fast firing weapons.
Round 50: Coin template +795Xp template +905

Achievements Edit

No. Name Description Outro Icon
35 King of Kings Complete the last quest in King of the Hill. Nobody has been able to move you from that tree! FB KingOfKingsx96

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