The entrance to the Necropolis-like area. Note the barman is seen


The Witch standing over the Exorcist


The Witch stabbing Buck Crosshaw with a knife


The witch surrounded by a purple forcefield

La Grande Finale is the final storyline mission.

You must damage your wife a certain amount, then she generates a dark, purple shield around herself. You must defeat 12-24 enemies. This happens many times, which is why bringing along many health, elixirs are recommended (you should not use The Consecrator as it is inaccurate). During the fight, she will shoot flying spheres similar to the Defiler that cannot track you, and will shoot "bullets" out of her eyes, which do about the same damage as a normal witch. And will also shoot plasma that tracks you, which does as much damage as a normal witch. Later in the battle, she will attack you with a knife. The battle continues normally, and a little later, you must kill her.

Mission description Edit

That bastard's hiding down in the mines. He's got nowhere to run... except straight into the arms of his maker!
My hands are shakin'... But I'm still standing. Meanwhile, my enemies lie in the dirt along with my memories of yesterdays... Think it's about time I gave myself a proper rest...
Nightwalkers, Witches, and Buck's Wife.
Go through the tunnel
Defeat the Witch.
Recommended weapons
Demon Thrower, Crucificator, and Flamethrower
Coin template +500Xp template +500

Trivia Edit

  • The Exorcist will die in this mission.
  • In the last cutscene of this mission the Devil is briefly shown.
  • After the first cutscene of this mission the barman will disappear and is not seen after completing this mission.
  • The map is very similar to the multiplayer map Necropolis but without the giant building in the middle.
  • After you enter the area the door closes and will not open.
  • After the Exorcist gets wounded by Buck's Wife (The Witch) he disappears and is not seen until the last cutscene of La Grande Finale.