La Grande Finale, Part 2 is the second half of the final storyline mission.

After getting taken over by pitch black darkness, Buck Crosshaw is warped to a broken down Necropolis. Then the Devil walks to Buck and says 'What are you waiting for? Get your revenge!' Buck then shoots him with his Rusty Gun, but damage is inflicted on him, instead. After a few shots, a spirit of the Exorcist appears and says 'You can't defeat darkness with darkness, no matter how temping' and says 'Lay down yer arms'. If you shoot the devil, no damage is inflicted and the Exorcist will say 'Lay down yer arms' repeatedly until you switch weapons continuously or exit aiming mode. Then the Devil says 'You are worthless and weak' and shoots him with a Rusty Gun. The bullets are not taken by Buck, but the exorcist spirit. The devil shoots him a few more times and then switches to his sphere and throws it at the spirit. It bounces off and hits the devil. Then the devil picks up another sphere and walks towards the middle. You run around, taking cover behind exorcist spirits. After 7 spheres, the devil dies.

Mission description Edit

But then I remembered the devil standing in front of me... And it was about time to get some killing done!
The battle is over... But the war rages on.
Find the way to defeat the devil.
Coin template +500Xp template +500

Video Edit

Six Guns Le Grand Finale27:39

Six Guns Le Grand Finale

Trivia Edit

  • The Devil is shown, but gets killed.
  • If you attempt to switch weapons your weapon will automatically switch back the the Rusty Gun.
  • After the cutscene where the Exorcist spirit is hit by a sphere the shoot button disappears, assumingly to prevent the player from inflicting damage to the Devil.

Gallery Edit

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