Lawmaker revolver
The best friend of the lawman who always catches his man.
—In-game description

The Lawmaker Revolver is a weapon in Six Guns. It costs 8 Sheriff Stars and can also be won in the Bronze Lottery.



This weapon uses Gun Ammo.

  • Damage: The same damage as a Dragon Revolver when not upgraded. Can do up to 15 HP damage and 22 HP if you get a headshot.
  • Range: Pretty good range. Can reach half of the El Matadero map.
  • Fire Rate: Very fast when fully upgraded.
  • Reload: It doesn't even take a second to reload. Very, very fast that the reload bar is almost full when fully upgraded.
  • Ammo: Holds 16 shots when fully upgraded. 6 shots if not upgraded.


  • It can kill a Confederate Soldier in one or two headshots.
  • The second best, one-handed Revolver in-game.
  • To rapid fire with this weapon and all other weapons, keep pressing the aim button and hold down the shoot button
  • This is based off the Peacemaker Revolver, which became a staple choice among sheriffs in the Far West.
  • The Vampire Cowboy carries one, (or two), Lawmaker Revolvers.
  • Quite good in terms of stat and damage, but in multiplayer, even the Railgun is better.
  • It is also the gun used by the Sheriff, as seen in his pocket.
  • It is quite cheap and is very good for beginners.
  • It is the cheapest star-priced weapon, followed by the Lee Navy Bolt-Action.
  • This is used by some outlaws, which is ironic because this is a lawmaker.