Lee navy
The choice of any good soldier. Damage Bonus against Outlaws.
—In-game description

The Lee Navy Bolt-Action is a lever-action rifle with bolt-action shots. It can be obtained by purchasing it from the shop for 10 Sheriff Stars.



The Lee Navy Bolt-Action uses Rifle Ammo.

  • Damage: Kinda promising and not too shabby. Bonus 25% against Outlaws, which is still not worth 10 stars, which you could fully upgrade a Longshot Repeater 1887 with. A good starting weapon for beginners due to the bonus and damage. However, it is not worth it because it has a slow fire rate and reload, and is thus even beaten by the Lawmaker Revolver.
  • Range: The second best stat of it, can shoot quite far distances. It is, of course, a rifle.
  • Fire Rate: The worst stat of it. Even slower than other rifles such as the Burnside Carbine and the Longshot Repeater 1887. Similar to the Tesla Gun instead, but not worth the amount of stars to be bought, unlike the Tesla Gun, due to its low damage.
  • Reload: The best stat of it, but you will feel that it reloads slow. A Longshot Repeater 1887 destroys that.
  • Ammo: Each reload can be filled with quite some ammo.


  • The weapons name is clearly incorrect as the weapon is lever action, not bolt action.
  • The weapon has decreased in popularity due to the removal of free sheriff stars from watching videos, but have been slightly increased as of the Events.
  • It is useless against someone who has Dual Guns or a Longshot Repeater 1887, and even against a Lawmaker Revolver.
  • One can be seen in the Abandoned Train in Arizona and Gem's Saloon in Oregon,  though they cannot be obtained.
  • This weapon, like the Longshot Repeater 1887, is based off of a Winchester Rifle, but a different model.
  • This rifle is the middle rifle between the Burnside Carbine and the Longshot Repeater 1887.
  • It is based off of the Winchester Rifle Model 1895.
  • It is also the rifle used by Buck in the home screen of the latest version.
  • Unlike the other rifles (excluding The Equalizer and the Railgun DCLXVI) it does not show the lever action mechanism most rifles would have. This is probably the reason this gun is named bolt action, in spite of the fact that it is clearly incorrect.