Light Cannon
Light cannon
Type Special weapon
Uses ammo Solar
Damage to
Supernatural Foes
25 HP
Damage to Outlaws 13 HP
Cost 200 Sheriff Stars
It's like having the power of the sun in the palm of your hand.
—In-game description

Light Cannon is a special weapon that was added in version 1.9.0. It costs 160 Sheriff Stars, making it the sixth most expensive sheriff star based weapon in Six Guns, along with Railgun DCLXVI , behind Mayhem Gauntlet, Hand of Kisin, The Inevitable End, Armageddon Scythe, Sanity's Demise and Contagion Crossbow. It fires a continuous ray of light which damages everything in its path at about 167 damage per second.


  • Damage: High, and more deadly because of its fire rate. When fully upgraded it does 64 HP on a normal shot. Bonus 100% against Supernatural Foes, can do up to 128 HP damage per shot on them, which makes it more effective in Single Player. In Multiplayer the stats are slightly increased. However, this weapon is nerfed after version 2.8.2, only does 9 damage when not upgraded.
  • Range: Not as far as a sniper rifle, but still higher than average.
  • Fire Rate: Very high.
  • Reload: An astounding rate for the amount of ammunition it holds.
  • Ammo: It uses Solar Ammo. Ammo capacity of Light Cannon is high.


  • The range is long but only works perfectly at medium-short distance.
  • Circling users of this weapon at close range while using a regular high-damage/rapid-firing gun works well on them.
  • The barrel represents a dragon's face, breathing fire, (or a laser), from its mouth.
  • Shooting when moving will decrease its accuracy.
  • This weapon is like the Mayhem Gauntlet. Or, the Mayhem Gauntlet is like this weapon but with a lot more damage, as this weapon came before the Mayhem Gauntlet.


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