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Keep playing to unlock new items and improve your reward.
Lottery can be seen in the title screen, Abandoned Train in Arizona, and Gem's Saloon in Oregon. You can also teleport to the lottery when you touch the red "LOTTERY" button (appears when you are focused Swarm Gun, Submachine Gun or any other lottery item at the shop). The same button is also in the pause menu. Common items in each individual lottery include a certain quantity and quality of medicine, outfits, elixirs, Sheriff Stars, and even coins. The higher the lottery, the higher the reward.

List of lottery chests Edit

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  • FREE Bullet Chest - FREE Bullet Chest allows you to play it for free every 1 day (24 hours). It offers up to an amount of 2500 coins and 3 stars. Certain ammo can be rolled too.
  • Bronze Bullet Chest - Bronze bullet Chest costs 5 Sheriff Stars and gives you a chance to get weapons such as Sniper Gun, Railgun, Boiler Blasters, and The Equalizer. It can even give you back 5 stars or even 10.
  • Silver Bullet Chest - Silver Bullet Chest costs 10 sheriff stars and gives you a chance to get weapons like Submachine Gun, Assault Pump Shotgun, Scythe, Dual Guns, Tesla Gun, Eagle-Eye Sniper Rifle, and Impaler. It can also give you back 10 sheriff stars or even 15!
  • Gold Bullet Chest - Gold Bullet Chest costs 20 Sheriff Stars and gives you a chance to get Swarm Gun, Light Cannon, Machinist set, Mayhem Gauntlet, and much more premium items not newly introduced in a recent update. Sheriff stars unfortunately do not show up as a prize. 

Prizes that can be won in each chest Edit

Notes Edit

  • Gameloft will sometimes make a 40% discount on Shooting lottery chests.
  • The time changing method to keep doing the Free Shooting Lottery has been patched and no longer works since the plague update.

Trivia Edit

  • The message "Keep playing to unlock new items and improve your reward." is not true.
  • You can cheat by changing the time of your device, but Gameloft can detect this and ban your account.
  • The lottery is owned by Stew Swindle who is also the one who introduces the three elixirs to Buck Crosshaw.

Gallery Edit

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